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The UK & Ireland Predators Database

UK & Ireland Offenders Database

All offenders in our database have been convicted, the information found on each case and individual comes from multiple public sources, which include: Court Listings, Newspaper Articles, CPS, Victims, and many others

Since the 24th March 2019 sex offender cases have been viewed 97315 times and the database has been searched 1973 times. We have also helped track down 203 people

Malcolm Stone
Paul Garner
Inderjit Singh
John Turnbull
Adrian Shepherd
Joao Ferreira
Shaun Smith
Nathaniel Edwards
Matthew Claridge
Abdul Rubel
Taran Woodward
Kevin Wyeth
Gary Oxford
Jamie Williams
Ian King
Richard Altham
Richard Altham

Fleetwood Enfrocers
Roger Altham
Richard Mackin
Nicholas Hickson
Bradley Fuller
Adam Bowie-Browning
Christopher Posada
Robert Beedle
Robert Beedle

Defending The Innocent
Omar Sharif
Jessie Hilden
Kasim Khuram
Derek Allen
Jason Harris
Jason Harris

Action Against Predators
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