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Frank Murphy



Whitley Bay

‘He’s dangerous’: Brave sex abuse victim speaks out as paedophile Frank Murphy is locked up AGAIN

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For years he hid his abuse shame, as his life spiralled out of control.
A young rape victim has told how he did not tell anyone he had been sexually assaulted when he was a boy.
The secret nearly tore his life apart as his relationship with his mum was destroyed and his teenage years became dogged by drink and drugs.
But the now 22-year-old bravely broke his silence to report the abuse years later and faced his attacker in court.
After seeing paedophile Frank Murphy jailed for 14 years, the County Durham student has now told how speaking out saved him.
The man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said: “My life changed once I got it out in the open.
“If I hadn’t of spoken about this my life would have gone a different way.”
The victim met Murphy, who is originally from the Consett area, 12 years ago, when he was around 10.
After winning his trust Murphy, 61, began to abuse him.
“I don’t remember how it all came about,” he said.
“At first I just ended up going down the beach with him and stuff like that. He seemed like a decent bloke.
“But I was only nine or 10, I didn’t have a clue at that age so I didn’t sense anything out of the ordinary.”
It was only after the lad, from County Durham, reached secondary school that he began to realise what had happened to him was abuse.
“I knew it wasn’t quite right but it didn’t fully sink in,” he said.
As the victim kept his secret his teenage years were dogged by drugs.
“I didn’t realise it had affected us when I was younger, but looking back it did,” he said.
“I wasn’t confident about getting undressed around anyone and I didn’t have any trust in anyone.
“I went down a bit of a wrong path. I was taking drugs and drinking.
“I couldn’t even remember his name. That’s how far I pushed it to the back of mind.
“For a long time I think my mam thought I was going to end up in jail.
“I was getting into some seriously bad sitautions.
“I tried cocaine, ecstasy, and amphetamines, all the party drugs. I was partying all the time.”
The lad, whose identity is protected by law, finally opened up to his mum when he was 17.
And she called the police immediately.
“Me and my mam had a bit of a dispute and she said I had had a perfect upbringing,” he explained.
“I just blurted it out. It was a bit of a relief. Before I told my mam I didn’t have a very good relationship with her.
“We were always arguing and fighting. After the police came out it became easier to talk about it.
“Once I started talking there was all this stuff that started coming out. It’s definitely better to talk about it.
“The hardest thing is the first step, but from there everything gets better.”
After revealing what had happened to him the victim’s chaotic life began to calm down.
He is now at university and looking to the future.
Murphy, of Whitley Bay, was convicted of rape and sexual assault at Durham Crown Court.
And as he was sentenced earlier this month the victim discovered he was not the only boy he had abused, and his attacker had been jailed before.
Murphy was handed a 20 year extended sentence, made-up of 14 years in jail and six years on licence.
He was also placed on the sex offenders’ register for life.
“I didn’t have a clue that he had done it to anyone else. I didn’t really know until sentencing,” said the victim.
“I would rather nobody else had gone through that, but it does show it is not something that he’s going to stop doing. He’s a dangerous person.