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Richard Mooney



Jailed: Vile pervert attacked partner then sexually abused five year old boy

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A vile thug has been jailed after he violently attacked his partner, and then went on to sexually assault a five year old boy.

Richard John Luke Mooney, 33 of Manchester appeared at court where he admitted offences of actual bodily harm (ABH) against a female and sexual assault of a child under 13

The court was told that in 2014, Mooney had gained the trust of a vulnerable woman and her child.

Some months later, Mooney violently attacked the woman, causing multiple injuries including bruising, cuts and broken ribs. The police were called and Mooney was initially removed from the property and charged with a breach of the peace, but released on unconditional bail.

Two weeks later, Mooney was re-arrested at Manchester coach station and held until his court date a few days later. He was bailed to an address in Stoke-On-Trent.

In February 2015, Mooney was arrested for the sexual assault of his ex-partners five year old son. The judge remanded Mooney until his court date.
However, whilst he was in category C prison Lancaster Farms, he obtained a mobile phone through a family member who was also serving time in the prison.
Mooney used the phone to intimidate his ex-partner, by making threatening and abusive calls.

In may 2015, Mooney appeared in court and was sentenced to 40 months for ABH against his ex-partner. He was told that he would serve half in prison
Mooney was formally charged in December 2015 for the child sexual abuse offence, at his cell at Lancaster farms.

He was then moved to HMP Manchester (formerly known as Strangeways) until his court date.

Mooney put in a last minute guilty plea, in an attempt to get a more lenient sentence, whilst still shamelessly protesting his innocence.

Mooney was told to complete courses regarding sexual offences, but he point blank refused, and continues to do so
Mooney said: “I will not jump through hoops, admitting guilt to something I hadn’t done, courses etc, just to get parole..”

In August 2016, the judge sentenced Mooney to an extended determinate sentence of five years with an extended licence period of 5 Years
Mooney is approx 5’9? and has a strong Mancunian accent. He is known to the areas of Manchester and Stoke-on-Trent. He has a long scar on one cheek, and several self harming scars on his forearms.