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William Griffin

Vile Kilmarnock pervert raped girl in garage

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A vile pervert raped a young girl on the day Elvis Presley died, a court was told.

Mechanic William Griffin, 60, raped his terrified 11-year-old victim in a car in a lock-up garage in MacIvor Place, Kilmarnock, on August 16, 1976.

The High Court in Glasgow heard that she remembered the date because it took place around 5pm on the day the king died.
After the rape the girl was crying and Griffin told her “that was nice”.

Prosecutor Bernard Abblett said: “The accused told the complainer his father was a policeman and she would be taken away from her family if she disclosed what he did to her.”

The court heard that Griffin also raped a 14-year-girl in a field near Kilmarnock and in the lock-up and sexually abused the two victims.

The offences were committed between July 1976 and July 1979 when he was aged between 17 and 20.

One victim said she was sexually assaulted by Griffin once a week for two years.

He lured his victims into the lock-up with the promise that they could drive one of the cars he was working on.

Mr Abblett told the court: “The victim said that she had to leave because her mother would be looking for her. Mr Griffin told her that ‘it would be over and done with soon’.”

The second victim remembered Griffin’s bad breath and that she had to take a bath afterwards.

Around 40 years later, both victims found each other on social media and discussed their abusive childhoods and their links with Griffin.

Griffin plead guilty to charges of lewd, indecent and libidinous practices and behaviour and rape.

He was put on the sex offenders register, remanded in custody and will be sentenced next month.

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