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image of Gerald Hedges


Gerald Hedges


Hayling Island

Paedophile ‘Big G’ naturist convicted

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A perverted naturist who left females ‘feeling sick’ after raping them and who sexually abused young girls is facing a lengthy term behind bars after being found guilty.
But vile Gerald Hedges, 61, was not in Portsmouth Crown Court to hear the damning verdicts following a trial that laid bare his barbaric exploitation of women and children after he was taken ill to hospital over the weekend.
The obese paedophilic predator will now have to face up to his heinous crimes when he is sentenced on September 9.
Due to his health issues, Hedges has not been remanded in custody but judge Timothy Mousley QC confirmed it was merely a stay of execution for the defendant who would ‘inevitably face a long term of imprisonment’.
Hedges sexually abused two young girls over a matter of years.
The pervert also claimed he was innocent of attempting to meet an eight-year-old girl for sex despite admitting writing messages on internet chat room ‘Disabled Chat UK’ about attempting to lure the child – which was in fact an undercover police officer.
His claims it was a ‘wind-up’ were proved to be nothing more than a pack of lies to get himself off the hook.
Prosecutor Jodie Mittell described Hedges, of Southwood Road, Hayling Island, as someone ‘interested in full penetration with young girls’.
But Hedges said he had never sexually abused young girls, repeatedly saying ‘I have never sexually abused any young children’ and ‘they are both lying’.
Hedges’ sheer depravity was illustrated by his sick game of giving his victims ‘full points’ if he was allowed to have sex with a child.
The court heard disturbing stories about how he raped a woman up against a tree more than 30 years ago after ‘forcing himself’ on her, leaving the victim ‘sick’.
Hedges’ flawed defence was highlighted over another rape he carried out when he claimed he was merely putting a blanket over a woman because it was a ‘cold night’.
In reality, Hedges was again fulfilling his warped desires by inflicting brutal punishment on a woman who woke to find she was being raped.
A unanimous jury found Hedges guilty of 13 charges: seven of indecent assault, another child sex offence, and five rapes. He denied them.