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Paul Bradshaw


Paedophile ex-soldier kicked out of wine bar after ‘inexplicably’ deciding to pleasure himself

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A shamed ex-soldier had to be drummed out of a trendy wine bar after he got drunk and pleasured himself in front of customers.

Paul Bradshaw, 39, undid his trousers and began carrying out a sex act whilst sat at a window as regulars sipped wine nearby.

But he was spotted by a waitress at Hoysters in Ramsbottom.

She told a chef who shouted at Bradshaw to ‘get out’ and when he refused to stop flashing and and he was escorted from the bar, with his genitalia still on show.

The ex-squaddie was then seen loitering outside the window of the bar for a short whilst before being arrested.

Police discovered Bradshaw had been dismissed from the army in 2017 after attempting to make indecent images of children. He said he couldn’t remember the wine bar incident as he was drunk and apologised for his behaviour.

At Minshull Street Crown Court, Manchester, Bradshaw from Ramsbottom admitted outraging public decency and was sentenced to a two year community order and was ordered to enrol on a Sex Offenders treatment programme.

The incident began in the evening of January 25th of last year when female staff at Hoysters wine bar became wary of Bradshaw who was sat on his own by the window.

Prosecutor Lisa Boocock said: “They saw the defendant sat on a chair by the window, and female staff became concerned by seeing him and became wary of him.

“The chef came out of the kitchen and saw the defendant had his trousers open and was masturbating.

“The chef approached the defendant and made a complaint to him, but Mr Bradshaw continued. The chef then shouted at him to get out, but the defendant did not move.

“He then grabbed the defendant and escorted him out, and the defendant’s penis was still exposed. He was loitering by the window and seen by staff, including the chef.

“The defendant was arrested and interviewed and accepted he was seen on CCTV. He said he couldn’t recall or remember what took place as he was drunk. He said he didn’t mean to cause any offence.

Sentencing Bradshaw him, Judge John Potter told him: “For reasons unknown you inexplicably decided to masturbate in the view of staff.

“Men and women who worked there were understandably concerned by that sort of activity.

“You were approached by some of them, and you continued until the chef came from the kitchen and in terms told you to get out and he escorted you from the premises, but you were still exposed.

“You loitered for a while outside and were arrested a short while later. In a police interview you told officers you didn’t recall the incident as a result of you having too much alcohol.

“Normally that sort of offence wouldn’t result in much more than a significant financial penalty. An aggravating feature and something I must take into account is that of your previous convictions recorded against you for sexual offending.

“There was a conviction for several offences of attempting to make indecent photos of children and as a consequence you were dismissed from Her Majesty’s services, and placed on the Sex Offenders Register for five years.

“This suggests that you were in a position of trust and behaving in that way was wholly inappropriate. You are somebody who needs help from the system. You have served your country and that serves as significant mitigation.”