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Coylton Pervert who groomed 15-year-old girl for sex is let off with a £2,000 fine

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A pervert who groomed a 15-year-old for sexual activity has been let off with just a £2,000 fine to pay.
Alistair Webb had sex with the schoolgirl in various locations within a vehicle during a time he stayed with family friends.
The 27-year-old from Hill Head in Coylton admitted entering the relationship and regularly meeting with her between July and August 2017.
One instance was within a vehicle at a layby in Drongan, the same at a layby on the A78 in Largs and then again in an unknown farm near to Bonnybridge in Stirling.
Before sentencing last week at Ayr Sheriff Court, the creep’s solicitor Miss Gianni told the court Webb acted “reckless” after the breakdown of a serious relationship. It led him to stay at the home of family friends where he met the girl.
Miss Gianni said: “Mr Webb became involved in the offence in a time in his life which had significant personal difficulties and moved into the complainer’s family home.
“This involved him coming involved in a sexual relationship with her. He admits this was totally careless.
“He accepts full responsibility. He admits he should have never allowed the relationship to go any further than a friendship.”
Webb, a tractor driver in Cumnock, has since been in a long-term relationship for two years and has a young son he is in regular contact with. His lawyer told the court: “He has an excellent family background.”
She added: “Since the age of 16 he’s been involved in farm work. He is a valued employee who is hard working.
“He accepts the seriousness of this involvement and is considered a low risk of offending and in a sexual nature.”
Webb preyed on the girl when she was 15 years and seven months old, while he was 25.
Miss Gianna explained to the court: “This is an offence that is completely out of character. It was an opportunistic and reckless decision. He ended up in the family home as his relationship had broken down and this was how it commenced.
“Mr Webb has no intention whatsoever of reoffending and is no danger to society or young women.
“It’s a set of circumstances which would never occur if he didn’t need a place to stay.”
Sheriff Desmond Leslie spared Webb of a jail sentence but fined him £2,000 and placed him on a Community Payback Order. He will also remain on the Sex Offenders Register for five years.
Sheriff Leslie told him: “There was a significant age difference between you and this girl which you were aware which was brought to your attention and highlighted.
“You took advantage of her as a young girl. You allowed your own desires and appetite to take advantage of her.
“You were in no position of trust to this girl. You have a good character and you’ve been assessed as having no risk to the community.”