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Alec Sims


Elderly paedophile who assaulted girl won’t go to prison because he has dementia

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A pensioner who abused a young girl in the 1990s is to be supervised at his home rather than sent to prison because be is suffering from advanced dementia.
Alec Sims, aged 85, was ruled to be unfit to plead by three psychiatrists and is currently in hospital and likely to move to a care home when he is well enough to be released.
A jury at Exeter Crown Court found that he had committed a series of sexual assaults against a girl who was aged between nine and 12 when the abuse took place more than 20 years ago.
Sims, from Exeter, only made one appearance at Exeter Crown Court before he became too unwell and confused to take part in a trial.
He walked into court with the help of a zimmer frame and pleaded not guilty to two counts of attempted rape and four of indecent assault or indecency more than two years ago.
A jury concluded that he had done the acts alleged against him at a trial in his absence earlier this year.
The trial was conducted under the rules of 1964 Criminal Procedure Insanity Act which restricts the sentences available to a hospital order or a supervision order.
Judge Timothy Rose ordered that Sims should be supervised by the social services department and the probation service for two years.
He thanked the three doctors who have been seeing or treating him over the past two years and have written around 10 reports on him.
He said he was pleased that a structure for regular checks and visits had been agreed between those who are looking after him which will minimise any residual risk he may pose.