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Daniel Reigate


St Austell

Paedophile who told victim he ‘wanted her to feel nice’ is jailed

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A paedophile who touched the privates of a young girl and told her he was “trying to make her feel nice” has been sent to prison.
Daniel Reigate, 38, from Ruddlemoor in St Austell, appeared at Truro Crown Court to be sentenced on Thursday (January 31) after previously pleading guilty to two counts of sexual assault.
Reigate had pleaded guilty on the day he was due to stand trial.
The charges relate to the touching of intimate parts of the girl’s naked body and the stroking of her thighs and breast.
Prosecuting barrister Philip Lee told a packed courtroom how the girl confided in family members saying that the defendant “touched her in places she didn’t like”.
Mr Lee added that the girl complained that Reigate touched her sexually saying that he “wanted her to feel nice”.
In a victim personal statement the girl spoke of anxiety in the build-up to the scheduled trial fearing that she would have to give evidence.
Sentencing Reigate, Judge Robert Linford said: “You are a 38-year-old man with no previous convictions. On the day the case was listed for trial, to the immense relief of the victim, you finally summoned up the courage to plead guilty.
“It’s very clear your behaviour has had a profound effect on the victim. Had you admitted what you’d done from the outset she would have been saved much mental anguish.
“Your mitigation is your plea, albeit late, the fact you have no previous convictions and the remorse you’ve expressed which I regard as genuine.
“I’ve read a large number of references which speak enormously highly of you from people who are at a loss to explain why you behaved in this way.
“That said, this case is far too serious for anything other than a custodial sentence.”
Reigate was jailed for 47 months.
December 2018
St Austell man changes pleas to sex assault of child on day of trial
A man has pleaded guilty to the sexual assault of a child on the day he was due to stand trial.
There was a full public gallery at Truro Crown Court on Wednesday as Daniel Reigate, of Ruddlemoor, St Austell, appeared in the dock.
The 38-year-old had previously denied four allegations that he touched a young girl in a sexual manner, including stroking her naked body.
Just as Truro Crown Court was due to begin the trial, the judge warned Reigate that this was the last opportunity for credit for any guilty pleas.
Defendants who plead guilty, rather than being convicted after a trial, are entitled to a reduction in any sentence.
After talks with his barrister, Reigate returned to court and indicated he would now pleaded guilty to two charges of sexual assault. He admitted touching intimate parts of her naked body and stroking her thighs.
Rupert Taylor, representing Reigate, said the court would benefit from a full pre-sentence report, which could look in detail at his background and suggest possible sentencing options.
Judge Robert Linford agreed and ordered Reigate work with the Probation Service in the preparation of an all-options report. The final decision on sentencing will then be taken by Judge Linford at a later hearing at Truro.
Reigate was released on bail and will be sentenced in the new year. The date of the next hearing will be determined later.