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George Mills



George Mills of Radnor Cliff in Folkestone jailed for 11 years for sexually assaulting a child

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A 57-year-old former publican has been jailed for 11 years for sexually assaulting a child which had a “devastating” effect on her.

George Mills was convicted of five sex offences after a retrial – and then convicted of drug dealing after cocaine and cash were found at his home.

Now a judge has heard how friends regard him as a “monster” because of the sex convictions, described as a “campaign of abuse” against a defenceless victim.

Mills, who had denied the sex and drugs offences, had been arrested after police were told about 14 incidences to which Mills shook his said and retorted: “Fourteen?”

Now Canterbury Crown Court has heard how his attacks have left his victim unable to sleep and suffering long-term effects.

Judge Rupert Lowe said he had read a number of references to Mill’s character which revealed “quite eloquently his good side.”
But he added: “However, your offences have had a deleterious effect on your victim.”

As Mills shook his head in the dock, the judge continued: “This became a pattern of abuse on a child – which continued after you realised she felt she was unable to tell police what had happened.

“You continued to abuse her for your own sexual gratification, the effect on her was absolutely devastating, engendering fear and dread and long-term trauma.”

Mills shook his head as the judge delivered his judgement but was told: “I have seen you give evidence three times and you are a poor liar!”

He said the victim was left with feeling of “depression and helplessness” and “like so many children, feeling unable to know what to do about it”.

Mills, formerly of Canada Close and now of Radnor Cliff, Folkestone was also banned from having unsupervised contact with a girl.
Ben Urwin, defending, said Mills had been in care for many years as a child because of a violent father and had worked hard, as a carpenter and then as a publican.

Mills gave an audible gasp as the judge passed a sentence of nine years for the sex offences and he then buried his head in his hands as he added another two years for the drug dealing offences.

Before starting his sentence he hugged a family member who sat just a few feet away from his victim in the public gallery.