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Rocky Knight



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A paedophile was caught with indecent images of children as young as one after an acquaintance became concerned about the nature of his communications

Bolton Crown Court heard how Rocky Knight, aged 47 of Masefield Drive, Farnworth had been in touch with a man in Ireland.

“Reference was made to the abuse of children,” said Juliet Berry, prosecuting, who added that the man was so worried that he contacted the Garda in Ireland who, in turn, passed the information to Greater Manchester Police.

On November 6 2016 police seized several of Knight’s devices, including a Blackberry mobile phone.

It was analysed and investigators found that Knight had distributed 11 of the most serious category A indecent images or children, nine category B images and 21 category C images.

The images had been sent by Knight to eight different paedophiles in chats via Blackberry Messenger, Whats App and the Kik messenger service in September and October 2104.

“There was discussion in relation to these in conversations about their preferences in regard to children and the like,” said Miss Berry, who added that it was inferred that they had an interest in children.

Images found on his phone included 21 category A images, 13 in category B and 35 in category C.

The category A pictures showed children aged eight to 12 being abused.

“It was evident that a child concerned was distressed,” said Miss Berry.

The category B images were of children between the ages of one and three.
Investigators found that Knight had not made specific internet searches for pornographic images of children, although he had looked for extreme pornography.

They concluded that he obtained the indecent images of children through chat messages with other people.

Knight, who was convicted of illegal puppy farming in a RSPCA case in December 2107, initially made no comment when arrested for possessing the indecent images and then tried to claim he had been forced into distributing the images before finally admitting his guilt.

Judge Richard Gioserano told Knight: “Finally, you are being sentenced in this case.”

He added: “It became obvious that you had not only been involved in receiving indecent images of children, but you had been sending them. There are a significant number of images here, although not a substantial number the court often encounters [in other cases].

Knight was sentenced to a community order for two years, ordered to undertake 100 hours of unpaid work and participate in 40 days of rehabilitation activities.

Last year Knight spent six months in prison on remand for the offences.

Judge Gioserano told him: “I want to make clear that you would have received an immediate custodial sentence if you had not spent so long on remand awaiting sentence.”

The judge also made a sexual harm prevention order against Knight and he was placed on the sex offenders’ register for five years.

Paedophile used mobile phone to distribute extreme indecent images of children