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Patrick Kelly


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A pervert who was caught by paedophile hunters after he groomed what he believed was a 14 year child has escaped a prison sentence
Patrick Kelly, 38, of Manchester appeared in court today following a sting by paedophile hunting team ‘Hunting 4 Justice’
The court was told that Kelly had contacted what he thought was a 14 year old girl. Kelly sent sexually explicit chat and arranged to meet the child, so he could take her back to his flat for sex.
Kelly first told the girl he would book a hotel for them both, but backed out saying he did not have enough money. He then told the child that he would meet her at Leeds train station, but again backed out giving the excuse of not having any money. He finally asked the child to travel to him.
The ‘Hunting 4 Justice’ team arrived at the arranged meeting place which was Manchester train station.
The team questioned Kelly on his internet activity.
A member of the team revealed to a shocked Kelly that he had infact been speaking to an adult and not a child, and all of his chat was going to be used as evidence against him
The police were called and Kelly was arrested
The judge allowed Kelly to walk free from court with a three year Community Order
A 30 day Rehabilitation order and a 5year SHPO was put in place
Kelly was told that he must register as a sex offender for 10 years

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