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Colin Roberts



Here For The Kids

Pervert handed police caution for attempting to groom kids online

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A pervert who believed he was grooming a schoolgirl online has been handed a police caution
Colin Roberts of Gainsborough had first contacted the profile of who believed was a 14 year old girl.
Foster carer Roberts introduced himself to which the girl replied with her name and age of 14
Roberts went on to send sexual messages including telling the girl that she was ‘getting a nice little figure on her’
He also expressed an interest in seeing her in the bath, and stated he would like to ‘wash her back’
Roberts asked the girl for pictures of herself in swimwear, explaining she had ‘the body for a bikini’ and he wanted a photo of her in a bikini so he could see ‘how pretty’ she was in it.
However, unknown to Williams, he was actually speaking to an adult member of paedophile hunting team ‘Here for the Kids’ who pose online in an attempt to catch sexual predators who target children