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‘She’s a pure evil psychopath’: The Accused viewers blast a mother found GUILTY of cruelty against her seven-week-old baby

Viewers were left horrified after a mother accused of child cruelty was found guilty, in a groundbreaking programme – the first of its kind on UK TV.
Kenzey, 23, allowed Channel 5 cameras to follow her as she prepared for her trial and the jury’s verdict after she was charged with two serious offences for failing to protect her seven-week-old daughter.
The former charity worker was arrested in November 2014, after her baby was found with a fractured skull, bleeding on the brain, and severe eye damage.
Kenzey had left her child with her boyfriend Kyle who she knew could be violent. She also failed to call an ambulance urgently when she could see her daughter was in pain and distressed.
Viewers watched as Kenzey spent months defending her innocence and that of Kyle, the father of her baby – before they were both convicted.
They were appalled that Kenzey showed more concern for her boyfriend than her daughter who has been left brain damaged and branded the pair ‘evil’. They blasted their sentences as lenient.
Kyle had a history of violence and had previously received a police caution for attacking Kenzey – just weeks after she gave birth to their daughter (who cannot be named for legal reasons) because he was jealous of the attention the baby was being given.
In dramatic scenes aired on Monday night Kenzey was convicted and sentenced to three-and-a-half years in prison – while her boyfriend Kyle was jailed for 18.
Before the verdict, Kenzey protested: ‘That does not make me an abusive person, ’cause I’m not. If they think that, then they think we’re monsters.’
Filmmaker Rob McCabe said he wanted to expose what goes through the minds of those who have committed serious crimes.
Viewers were invited to form their own judgement before the verdicts were read out, while Kenzey was questioned by her legal team.
Kenzey was eventually found guilty of child cruelty, for not calling the emergency services quickly enough once it was clear the baby was unwell.
Meanwhile Kyle was found guilty of two counts of causing grievous bodily harm with intent, with a sentence of 18 years.
Kenzey had denied seeing her boyfriend Kyle shake their baby daughter and stuck by him throughout, even after he was charged.