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Previously convicted sex offender avoids jail over fresh indecent images charges

A distraught mum was left in tears this week after the brute convicted of abusing her son avoided jail over fresh offences.
Dylan Logan, 20, was in court this week after admitting downloading and having indecent images of children between March 2014 and December 2017.
Logan was convicted of sexual offences in 2016 – when he was 17 – and was given a supervision order.
On Friday, he was placed under supervision for three years and was told he must undertake the ‘Moving Forward, Making Changes’ programme and adhere to a number of conduct requirements.
His existing supervision order was also extended because he had spent time in remand relating to his latest offence.
But the mother of a boy abused by Logan says this latest sentence does not go far enough.
The woman, who cannot be identified, told us: “I am disgusted, totally disgusted, it’s shocking. There is no justice in the legal system, it has protected him.
“This time there was no sexual assault, just images, but these children are still victims. All those families of children involved still have to deal with this – and we may pass him in the street now that he is free. That is disgusting. We all have to deal with it, there is no justice.”
On Friday, Logan sat emotionless in the dock, with his family on the public benches.
And the disgusted mother sat with a support network of friends as they listened to Sheriff Watson’s verdict.
Afterwards, she told us: “The last time when he was in court for abusing my son, I struggled to listen to it all. I couldn’t face it but this time I had to. I sat through it. I had to know what this scumbag was doing.
“I honestly thought he would have got the jail, I thought it would have been closure.
“Last time I didn’t get the closure I needed. My son didn’t get the closure. It’s horrible.
“He destroyed our lives, it’s only right he spends time behind bars.”
The horrified mother is warning the public to be wary of the brute.
She said: “Dylan has now been guilty of sexual assault and has been caught with child images.
“And he will do it again, I know he will. It worries me that there are kids and families out there that could be at risk now that he’s out and free.”
Logan left Kilmarnock Sheriff Court on Friday afternoon with his hood up and a smirk on his face.
The tearful mum added: “He was smirking, it’s like he was proud. He now thinks he’s untouchable. I’m scared to think what he’ll do next. The way he has made me and my son feel is beyond disgusting and I don’t wish it on anyone. It haunts me what he did to my boy and I am disgusted the court have let him off so leniently.
“I only want to protect my child, and I shouldn’t have to worry about Dylan Logan. And no other parents in the area should have to worry but sadly we will.”