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Edgar Junior



Sex predator jailed for sexual offences against two women and two teenage girls

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A man has been jailed for sexual offences against two women and two teenage girls across three separate investigations, as well as assault on a police officer.
Edgar Junior, 47 (1.01.73) of Uxbridge Road, Hillingdon, appeared at Isleworth Crown Court on Wednesday, 17 June, where he was sentenced to two years and one month’s imprisonment in connection with sexual, public order and assault offences.
On 11 February 2019, at around 16:30hrs, a 14-year-old girl [Victim 1] was aboard the top deck of a Route 427 bus from Uxbridge when she was approached by a man who sat down in front of her and immediately began to make sexual suggestions.
The child attempted to ignore him but he continued in his advances and when he attempted to touch her she threatened to call police.
The verbal suggestions continued until she became frightened and left the bus.
The man was later identified through police enquiries as Edgar Junior.
On 28 April 2019, a 26-year-old woman [Victim 2] was travelling alone aboard a Route 427 from Uxbridge when Junior boarded the bus and walked toward her, touching himself.
He sat in the seat in front of her and began to shout loudly that he wanted to have sex with her. When the bus stopped, the victim got off.
Between 12 June 2019 and 22 July 2019, Junior harassed a 26-year-old woman [Victim 3] at her place of work and made repeated, graphic, sexual suggestions and advances toward the victim and her teenage relative [Victim 4], who would visit her at work.
Around 10 July 2019, Junior approached the child as she was loading a car and tried to kiss her.
On 22 July 2019, the sexual suggestions and intimidating behaviour turned to threats of violence against ‘Victim 3’, at which point, in fear for their safety, she called police.
Junior was arrested on the same day. During arrest he spat in the face of an officer. In interview he denied all allegations and was remanded in custody.
Having been charged in connection with offences against all four victims, in the months that followed he appeared at a variety of hearings making a number of applications to change pleas, until, on Wednesday, 17 June, he appeared at Isleworth Crown Court, where he pleaded guilty to the below offences and was sentenced as follows:

– Sexual Communications with a child [Victim 1]: five months’ imprisonment.
– Sexual Communications with a child (Victim 4]: 14 months’ imprisonment – to be served consecutively.
– Attempted Sexual Assault [Victim 4]: six months’ imprisonment – to be served concurrently.
– Section 4 Public Order [Victim 2]: two months’ imprisonment – to be served consecutively.
– Common Assault [Victim 3]: one month imprisonment – to be served concurrently.
– Assault on an Emergency Worker: four months’ imprisonment – to be served consecutively.

Totalling 25 months’ imprisonment.
Junior was also served with a restraining order in relation to ‘Victim 3’ and ‘Victim 4’.