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Jack Burgin



Pervert caught with child sexual abuse images

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Man, 34, jailed after being found with more than 1,000 indecent images of children

He described his problem as “an addiction”

A man faced a local “backlash” after taking a near naked photo of a girl which was found among a hoard of 1,224 images.

Details of the reaction were outlined before Jack Burgin was jailed for a year when he appeared at Nottingham Crown Court.

Judge Timothy Spencer QC said he took account of a statement written by a victim of the 34-year-old’s behaviour.

He told him: “If it were not for people like you, who are prepared to download this imagery, the child abuse created would be nowhere near as rife as it is.

“These children can never recover from what has been done to them for you to look to derive this perverted pleasure.”

The judge noted that Burgin’s “particular interest was in girls as young as five or six,” adding: “The age of the children is highly relevant and cannot be overlooked.”

Rebecca Coleman, prosecuting, said the discovery was made after Burgin fell asleep at home in Bridge Street, Heanor on January 1 last year.

When challenged about it, he said that he viewed porn “out of curiosity” and added: “I am not like that. I have deleted it.”

But when police experts began to examine his phone, they found 318 items in the worst category, including 33 moving images, added Miss Coleman.