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Daniel Scarle



Derbyshire man had dog porn on his mobile phone

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Police found a disgusting five-minute video which showed sex acts being performed on a dog when they analysed a mobile phone belonging to a Derbyshire criminal.
Officers investigating a spate of burglaries arrested Daniel Scarle and seized items that belonged to him.
Among them were his phone which was forensically examined and found to contain the vile animal sex movie.
No charges were ever brought on the 29-year-old in relation to the break-ins.
But Scarle, of Poole Close, Pinxton, was charged with possessing the film.
However Derby Crown Court was told that he was sent the film over social media and thought he had deleted it.
And his defence barrister told the hearing how Scarle has no interest in this kind of sexual behaviour.
Judge Shaun Smith QC fined him £150, telling him: “You are not in control of what you receive (on your mobile phone).
“I could receive a WhatsApp message now with a disgusting image on it.
“But you are in control of what you delete.
“This is an unusual case because normally when I deal with somebody for sex offences they are somebody who sits in their room viewing indecent images time and time again.
“In no way is this that type of case.
“You have received something over social media that is entirely inappropriate, offensive and a criminal offence.
“You say you thought you had deleted it.
“I don’t know if that is true but you have pleaded guilty and I give you credit for that.”
Sarah Allen, prosecuting, said police came across Scarle outside Meadows Care Home, in Mansfield Road, Alfreton in October 2017.
She said: “There had been some burglaries in the area and they saw the defendant who approached them and asked if they had a cigarette paper.
“Officers arrested him and as part of their investigation they recovered various items during a search at the police station.
“His mobile phone was examined and recovered from that was a movie clip which was around five minutes long.
“The defendant was interviewed and gave ‘no comment’ answers.”
Scarle, who the hearing was told has 19 previous convictions for 27 offences but none for any sexual matters, later pleaded guilty to one count of possessing an extreme pornographic video.
Chris Hallas, mitigating, said his client has “no predisposition for this type of sexual activity”.
Judge Smith said: “I suppose he thought there was some humour in it?”
He said: “It is just something he has received from some idiot of a mate.
“What’s happened is he’s received an unsolicited message from someone he then blocked and thought that image had been deleted from his phone.
“He definitely thought he had got rid of it.”