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image of Jason Tarr


Jason Tarr

Warehouse Worker
Protecting Kids Online UK

Jason arranged to meet a 13 year old female decoy at Bickley train station in November 2017.

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Jason has received the following after his sentencing:

24 month suspended sentence
10 years sex offenders register
10 years sexual harm prevention order
60 days in rehab
£140 in costs
Forfeit his mobile phone for good
Placed on the barring list

Jason arranged to meet a 13 year old female decoy at Bickley train station in November 2017.

Jason arrived at the train station late and when he arrived he got spooked, he tried to duck down and hide behind a fence when we started to approach. Luckily he’s wasn’t good at hiding and he hid whilst we were approaching, so we knew where he was!

Jason had been speaking with our decoy for several weeks and originally approached our decoy on a chat room website. By the time of the sting Jason had tried to arrange a meeting multiple times and on several occasions pulled out at the last minute, his excuses were always work related

Jason had sent a large amount of sexual chat, indecent images, grooming, and explicitly arranged the meet with sex as his intentions when they met. Another man who has ruined his families lives, he was married, and had several children in a previous marriage

He had to undergo psychiatric assessment after he was arrested as he was planning to commit suicide if he was released.