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image of Matthew Heward

Matthew Heward

Richmond Upon Thames

A pervert who believed he was grooming a 12 year old child for sex has been jailed

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Matthew Heward, 36 of Richmond Upon Thames appeared at Isleworth Crown Court where he pleaded guilty to child online grooming offences

The court heard that Heward had contacted the online profile of who he believed belonged to a 12 year old girl.

Heward immediately sent sexually explicit messages with the clear intent of grooming the girl for sexual activity

The pervert rang the girl on a number of occasions, and proceeded to masturbate so the girl could hear him.

Heward asked the girl to engage in sexual acts with her younger sister and her friend.

However, the child did not exist and was instead a adult member of paedophile hunting team Redemption. The team pose online as children to catch sexual predators.

In December 2017, the team confronted Heward and asked him about his internet activity. A member of the team then rang the police, who in turn arrested Heward.

The judge sentenced Heward to two years in prison and told him that he must register as a sex offender for a period of ten years

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