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Kenneth Condon



Oxford scientist caught with indecent images of children as young as six

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A GENETICIST and member of the Medical Research Council in Oxford has been jailed after he was caught with over a thousand indecent images of children.
Paedophile Kenneth Condon, of Rutland Street, Cork, Ireland, had already admitted three counts of making indecent images, one count of possessing a prohibited image of a child and another of possessing extreme pornography.
Oxford Crown Court heard at his sentencing on Friday how when police executed a search warrant at his home on June 24 last year they found more than 1,200 images of children as young as six years old.
349 of the images found on electronic devices were in the most severe category – A, while 497 were of category B and 448 of category C.
Condon downloaded the images between June 2012 and June 2017 and the court heard that he had previously been jailed for similar offences.
Sentencing, Judge Peter Ross said: “You will have heard another judge say to you that these images of children subject to the most appalling sexual abuses are one of the curses of the internet.
“And we are talking about real children all over the world, but often in the third world, who are subject to this appalling indignity and pain so that perverts like you can access these images online.”
Condon was jailed for a total of 24 months for the five offences.