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image of Alysia Smedley/Katie Hicken


Alysia Smedley/Katie Hicken



Britain’s ‘youngest’ female paedophile jailed

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A 22-year-old woman has been jailed for three years after admitting a number of child sex offences.
Alysia Smedley was already a registered sex offender after previously receiving a suspended sentence in October 2016 for sexual activity with a child.
She appeared before Nottingham Crown Court yesterday for sentencing after admitting 12 offences, including sexual offences against three girls aged under 16 and breaching the terms of her court order.
On one occasion she kept a girl away from her home at a friend’s house for over 24 hours when the Sexual Harm Prevention Order was in place.
Smedley pleaded guilty to one offence of child abduction, one offence of sexual assault, four offences of sexual activity with a child and seven offences of breaching a Sexual Harm Prevention Order in relation to the five girls.
As well as the prison sentence she was given a five year restraining order banning her from contacting three of the victims in the case and a restraining order banning her from entering Warsop or Church Warsop.
Smedley appeared in court alongside co-defendant Katie Hicken who admitted one charge of sexual activity with a child. She was given a conditional discharge.